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The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market

Us Geordies are never happy are we? For years we have moaned that our Christmas Markets and festivities just aren't up to scratch. So this year, Newcastle Council decides to quadruple our offering and we still aren't happy ( I include myself in this btw).

The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market

The thing is, the tacky identical Christmas Stalls, Random Noodle Stalls, Pop-Up Bars and Fairground Rides that could be in any European City are not what I want from our Christmas Markets. It all feels like some kind of fake Christmas Land has taken over our city centre and I don't like it. We could do SO much better.

I feel like our Christmas Markets are just the same as any other Christmas Market. They give locals and visitors no special reason to visit Newcastle. There is a reason my posts featuring Edinburgh and York Christmas Markets are so popular and that is because we aren't getting what we need from a Christmas Market on our doorstep.

So please allow a little indulgence as I share my idea of a perfect Christmas Market in Newcastle. Let me know if you agree!


The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market - exhibition park

I think the location of our current Christmas Markets is all wrong - it feels disjointed and far too crowded. Somebody mentioned on twitter that the perfect location would be Exhibition Park and I have to agree. This makes the markets more of a destination rather than an inconvenience and something that is in the way. This location also won't take trade away from the likes of the Grainger Market so it is win win! Exhibition Park holds many events throughout the year so the facilities are there.......

German Sausages 

The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market  - German sausages the broad chare

I just missed out of Oktoberfest at The Broad Chare this year but I know from previous years that their German sausages are to die for. Imagine The Broad Chare having a pop up fire pit in the middle of the market and serving up Bratwurst. The dream!


The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market  - crepes from la petite creperie

Crepes would of course have to be served up by the best Crepe-maker in Newcastle - Julien from La Petite Creperie. Their Chestnut Specials would go down a treat!

Cheese Stalls 

Imagine Northumberland Cheese setting up a pop-up shop with little tasters and cheese hampers to take away. SO much better than the generic imported cheeses we often see rolled out at Christmas Markets.


The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market  - redheads mac n cheeese

I have no idea why noodle bars are a thing at Christmas Markets now? I would personally much prefer a pop-up version of Redheads Mac n Cheese. Perfect to keep you warm.


The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market  - hepple gin

A Christmas Market where the drinks are kept local would be wonderful. I am picturing a Black Storm or Wylam Brewery beer tent, an Alnwick Rum bar and a Hepple Gin Cart.

Sweet Treats 

Sweet Treats would of course have to be provided by Proven Doughnuts and Pet Lamb Patisserie. Oh we could even have an ice cream stall from Di Meos (I know this would make New Girl in Toon happy).


We have SO many talented crafters and creators in the North East and I would love to see a market dedicated to them. I'm thinking Handmade by Lollamac jewellery, prints and pin badges by Lines Behind, a pop-up For the Love of the North get the picture.


Rather than ANOTHER windmill bar, I reckon there is enough space at Exhibition Park for an ice rink, big wheel and pop-up theatre. It would be cute to see something like an alternative version of a Northern Stage Christmas show here or perhaps the stage could be taken over by local live bands.  A free Christmas light trail around the park would be great for kids too. OK I will stop now!   

What do you think of my Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market? Let me know if you would like to see it in real life and if you would add any other traders to the mix.

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The Perfect Newcastle Christmas Market


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