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The Redhouse | A Pie & Mash Pub in Newcastle

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A trip to The Redhouse restaurant is always a warm and welcoming experience, even during the craziness that is COVID-19.
The Redhouse | A Pie & Mash Pub in Newcastle

Sitting on Sandhill, just around the corner from the Swing Bridge and within a stone’s throw of the Quayside, The Redhouse is as traditional as it gets.

The Redhouse | A Pie & Mash Pub in Newcastle location map

From its gorgeous interior, to its delicious menu (these guys are pie and mash specialists), this restaurant is perfect for whatever day you’re having.

Ideal for grabbing some lunch on match day or whether you’re out shopping with family and friends, but just as perfect for lining your stomach before visiting the many pubs and bars the town has to offer.
Similarly, it can be frequented in any season.

I grew up thinking pie and mash is more of a winter dish and was there to warm the cockles. However, even on a glorious sunny day, it hits the spot.
This is a familiar haunt of my friend and I. He lives in Widnes and every time he visits the North East, we make sure we come here – he even opted to bring his whole stag party up to Newcastle a few years ago and, naturally, we all piled into the Redhouse for a pie and mash all around.

On this particular visit, we took in the sunshine and ate outside, with a gorgeous view of the Tyne Bridge. However, I seriously recommend that you sit in if you get the chance. On entering, you’ll not be too surprised that the restaurant is housed within a Grade II listed building. The wooden furniture, as well as the cobbled floor, the pillars and the atmospheric lighting all lend themselves seamlessly to the relaxed air that the Red House has become synonymous with since it opened its doors.  
After being seated – kudos to the staff for their prompt table service and friendly manner during an extremely busy time of the day – we took in the menu. For those who haven’t paid this place a visit, it’s simple:
1.   Pick your pie(s)
2.   Pick your mash
3.   Pick your peas
4.   Pick your gravy
The choice of pies is extensive, with flavours ranging from Steak and Chicken, Gammon & Leek, as well as vegetarian options such as Mediterranean Vegetable and a Vegan alternative of this flavour.

The Redhouse | A Pie & Mash Pub in Newcastle menu

You can add a second pie to your meal for an extra £4 and you’d be right to do this. The menus states that they are handmade by Amble Butchers, based in Northumberland and, with the first bite, you can tell that they are handmade with love.

It’d be a fair bet that I’ve tried them all at some point or another. On this occasion, I went for Minted Lamb and Sausage, Apple, Cider & Onion, with cheddar mash. Creamy, Dijon mustard & honey and Confit Garlic are the other mash flavours available, as well as the option of upgrading to chips.

When served, the meals come with a small tub of either mushy or minted peas, or pease pudding, as well as the gravy of your choice.
The Redhouse is the home of hearty meals and they have a drinks menu to match. With a plethora of real ales available, the bar also houses wines, lagers and ciders, as well as soft and hot drinks, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to what you’re going to wash your pie down with.

No meal out is complete with a quick gander at the puddings menu and the Red House is no different. You’re provided with lots of delicious puddings, if you’re in need of something sweet afterwards. Ice Cream, Jam Roly Poly and Apple Crumble are all in keeping with the good old-fashioned vibe of the establishment. However, I particularly recommend the Brownie.

It’s described on the menu as a ‘decadent slice of chocolate heaven’ and they couldn’t have got it more spot on. It’s not too big and, if like me, you believe you have one stomach for savoury food and another stomach for sweet food, it was the right way to end such a filling meal.
After we’d polished off our plates, we were able to sit, chill and watch Newcastle walk by around us. Despite COVID restrictions, the restaurant was accepting walk-ins and there was no time limit on our table. Even though it was a sunny day, there didn’t seem to be any rush or hassle from the staff for us to go as soon as we’d paid. After an extra drink each, we headed off, our bellies round and happy.
The Redhouse is really reasonably priced. A one pie meal is £8.95, while a two pie meal is £12.95 and they have some great deals. It’s worth noting, for instance, that, on Mondays, you can get a pie and a drink (from a selected list of pints, wines and soft drinks) for £9.99. While on Wednesdays, you can buy two meals for £12. Puddings are £4.50, but you can get one with a coffee for £6, which is nothing to be sniffed at.
For a delicious and relaxed meal out, you cannot go far wrong with the Red House restaurant.

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The Redhouse | A Pie & Mash Pub in Newcastle

The Redhouse | A Pie & Mash Pub in Newcastle


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