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Hard Rock Cafe Vegan Menu Review

Today we have a review of Hard Rock Cafe in Newcastle by guest poster Nicola Lowery. This post focuses on their Vegan menu and is based on a visit in Summer 2021. Over to Nicola...... 

My husband and I have visited a few Hard Rock Cafes around the world so when we heard there was one opening in Newcastle we were quite excited! 

Hard Rock Cafe Vegan Menu Review

Andi has had an amazing vegan burger at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York so having a branch closer to home was brilliant news! 

I only started my vegan journey in January and this was our first post lockdown date night so I had high hopes. We started with a few drinks at Brewdog before our meal, they offer a good range of vegan beers and ciders. 

When we arrived at Hard Rock for our booking, unfortunately the restaurant had a problem and they were unable to cook any food. We were offered an alternative date but we had waited weeks for this date as the restaurant books up far in advance quite quickly for weekend dates so we opted to still go in, get a drink and see if we could order one of the few options they were able to serve. Unfortunately the flatbreads they were serving weren’t vegan. 

Hard Rock Cafe Vegan Menu Review

I ordered a passion fruit mai tai cocktail and Andi ordered a beer. I already knew what to expect price wise for the cocktails but I was disappointed when my £9.60 drink turned up in a plain half pint glass. Where was my fancy glass with guitar stirrer and fruit on the side?

I queried this and you only get the extra pretty bits if you order and pay extra for the souvenir hurricane glass. I ordered this next time alas still no guitar stirrer.

We had a browse of the menu and they only have one vegan meal on the menu which is a burger. It’s under the ‘Steak burger’ header which as a vegan this isn’t the first place I’d look. It’s the Moving Mountains plant based burger with ‘vegan option available’ next to it.

The vegan option was the same burger but vegan cheese. We did know this upon booking but it is still disappointing and something I hope they plan to review especially now there are so many restaurants in the area offering better vegan options.

Hard Rock Cafe Vegan Menu Review

While we had our drinks, luckily they got things back up and running in their kitchen and a lovely waitress who was vegan herself came to let us know and answered any questions we had about the Moving Mountains burger and also reassured us it was a good choice. They also asked if we had any allergies which is good. We are vegan by choice but not everyone is so it’s reassuring that they checked this when they noticed we had ordered vegan meals.

Personally I’m not a huge burger fan but I have to say it was very tasty. The food was well presented and portions sizes were good. All the other meals being served looked huge as well. 

The Moving Mountain burger is £15.50 which isn’t bad for city centre dining. The drinks as mentioned above are quite high priced but again standard for that kind of place, £5.50 for a pint or Moretti and £9.60 for a cocktail (additional £3.75 for the souvenir glass that you keep) 
The restaurant has a good vibe with modern decor and is very clean. We enjoyed the music and of course the obligatory trip to the rock shop after our meal. 

Overall we had a lovely evening and we definitely plan to return. I feel our visit wasn’t up to their usual standards due to the unforeseen kitchen issues and maybe we could have been offered a free drink or maybe a small reduction on the bill for the 90 minute wait for food but we won’t let this stop us trying again. 

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