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A Different Kind of Sunday Lunch at Fujiyama, Newcastle


As a family, we love dining out and trying new experiences. Our trip to Fujiyama in Newcastle was one of our first ever blog posts back in January 2013 and is somewhere we have visited on various special occasions over the years. 

A Different Kind of Sunday Lunch at Fujiyama, Newcastle

You will find Fujiyama on Bath Lane at the bottom of Stowell Street / not far from Tyne Theatre and Opera House.

Dining at a Teppan-yaki restaurant can get expensive (especially when you hit the sake) and if you are on a budget / it is your first visit/you are dining with kids and not sure how they will find it, I would recommend visiting on a lunchtime when you still get the fantastic entertainment but it is quite a bit cheaper. 

A Different Kind of Sunday Lunch at Fujiyama, Newcastle

A 7 course Sunday Lunch at Fujiyama is £16.90 (price checked January 2020). This includes a Salad, Miso soup, Salmon, King Prawns, Chicken or Steak, Egg Fried Rice & Seasonal Vegetables.

Fujiyama is very welcoming to families with children and during our most recent trip, most tables had children with them. Kids can either order a full Sunday Lunch, share some of their parents, order something smaller from the a la carte or share one lunch between two kids - Fujiyama is super flexible and can work around you. 

Fujiyama is for families with kids of all ages - there are usually lots of toddlers there over lunch, sometimes tiny babies asleep in prams and then families with older kids like us too. 

At Fujiyama, you are seated around a hot plate and have your own personal chef. They are always lovely and take time to chat. Allergies & dietary requirements are taken seriously here and we were asked three times if anyone had any allergies etc... 

The chef starts with a bit of an act and juggles the eggs that will be used later on. One of the reasons we love dining here is the entertainment - the whole family love it and it really feels like a fun, bonding experience for all.

You can use regular chopsticks, a knife and fork or they have kids (or beginner) chopsticks too. The kids love using these and managed just fine.

A Different Kind of Sunday Lunch at Fujiyama, Newcastle

The food is cooked with a lot of butter and garlic so if you are not a fan of either, this experience probably isn't for you (or I would recommend ordering a la carte and mentioning you don't like garlic). Our family can't get enough though and Fujiyama is probably the only place the kids will eat a full salmon steak in one go with no complaints.

The food is cooked in front of you and really makes your mouth water. The chef is a little bit silly with the kids and the feast is ready in no time.

Each course is cooked to be ready at a different time and the chef will usually ask the kids if they would like to try something of everything. Jack refused the King Prawns during our last trip (more fool him) but that just meant there were more for Harry and I.

The portions are pretty big and I couldn't finish all of mine. 

A couple of times during the cooking process, the chef will turn off the lights and set the hot plate on fire. Wow you can really feel the heat when this happens and the kids are mesmerised.

There are a couple of challenges as the chef takes a break from the cooking and I would recommend getting involved - it is all part of the fun.

Challenge number one is catching the egg in the hat. Basically, you flip an egg up from the hot plate with a spatula and need to catch it in your hat.  When we have visited in the evening there have been some very near misses with eggs very nearly landing on other customers' heads but at lunchtime, it feels a lot tamer (or maybe the kids are just better at it than us grown-ups on a night out??).

The second challenge involves the chef flipping a bit of omelette at each customer who has to try and catch it in their mouth. There are always huge cheers around the restaurant when someone manages this.

Don't worry if you don't want to join in - you are never forced or pressured and just need to say no thank you. If you are with kids though, they LOVE it when the parents get involved so I would recommend putting yourself out there if you can.

A Different Kind of Sunday Lunch at Fujiyama, Newcastle

We had three set lunches between the four of us during our last trip (mostly because Heidi is a  vegetarian and is happy to eat fried rice and vegetables only rather than a full Vegetarian banquet). This works out at just over £50 for a family of 4 plus drinks which considering we were very well fed and enjoyed 90 minutes of entertainment is really good value. 

It is something a little different too and certainly a change from Roast Beef in the pub. Fujiyama isn't somewhere to go for gourmet cuisine - it is much more about the fun/atmosphere and a chance to try something new. I always enjoy our meals here as do the kids and like I say, anything that encourages them to try something a little different and it is a lovely social dining experience. Perfect for a relaxed Sunday or special occasion family meal.

Have you visited Fujiyama? Or do you fancy a trip as an alternative to Sunday lunch? 

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