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The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review

We were invited along to press night with no obligation to publish this post. 

In the next few months, you will find a New York-themed Ice Bar inside of STACK Newcastle. The bar is open from 23 January - Sunday 22 March and brings a taste of the big apple to the toon.

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review

Located on the ground floor of STACK and sponsored by Grey Goose, the bar is open Monday - Thursday 1pm - 11pm and Friday- Sunday 11am - 11pm. The bar is FREEZING and you are only allowed inside for 20 minutes at a time - trust me, you really would not want to stay any longer.

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review

There are various packages available to pre-book.

All packages include:

  • A shot served in a glass made of ice (this can be alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
  • Use of a snuggly coat and gloves during your experience 
  • A Hot Chocolate at the end of your experience 
  • Some packages include additional drinks or you can purchase additional drinks when you are in the bar. 

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - coats


The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - off peak prices

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - peak prices


Children aged 7+ are welcome in the ICE Bar before 8:30pm. If they look young for their age, take ID as they may be refused (in fact take ID anyway). Children will obviously be served a non-alcoholic shot. As children are only £6, I think this is a steal. Especially as it includes hot chocolate afterwards.

Some kids will love the experience and I think teens and tweens will especially think its cool. I think my Harry (aged 13) would love it but Heidi (10) and Jack (9) would probably moan that they were too cold - you know your own kids.

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - child policy

The Ice Bar Experience 

We booked an Ice Bar Off-Peak Standard Experience which is normally £10. I visited with a friend and it was nice to try something a little different and a chance to get some unique photos together.

You arrive at your time slot around 15 minutes early and are invited to wrap up warm in a snuggly coat and gloves. We waited outside until it was our turn to enter. You are provided with a drinks ticket which you exchange for your drink at the bar.

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - entrance

The Ice Bar is super cold and although I had my winter coat AND the Ice Bar coat on, I was still freezing.

If you can stand the cold, it is beautiful though. Everything is made of Ice from the whole bar to the glasses and even the seats. There is plenty of room too and it isn't too crowded at all.

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review - ice seating

The theme of the bar is New York and there is a New York themed soundtrack playing in the background plus lots of New York sculptures to admire and take a snap of. There are sculptures fully made out of ice like the one below and others are famous objects and memorabilia frozen inside of blocks of ice. We were particularly impressed with the Tiffany jewellery and Sarah Jessica Parkers Manolo Blahniks.  There is plenty of opportunity to take snaps of the sculptures.

The included drink is pretty small - ours was a shot of Grey Goose Toffee Vodka which was delicious. I would recommend buying an upgraded package and including another drink or buying an additional cocktail when you are in there. Admiring the ice sculptures is much better with a drink in your hand.

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - bar

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - M&Ms

There are staff around who will happily take photos for you and there are plenty of backdrops for selfies too.

Check out the Grey Goose cocktail menu below. Cocktails are an additional £9 and payable at the bar on ordering.

The Ice Bar at STACK Newcastle Review  - cocktail menu

There are over 10 ice sculptures to admire. My top tip would be to ask the staff about them as they will give you some insight into exactly what you are looking at and their history. The staff were so friendly on the night of our visit and a real credit to STACK.

The Ice Bar is fun and perfect for a fun date night or catch up with friends, especially when followed by food and drinks at STACK (there is lots of choice and plenty of warm heaters). I would go again and I would recommend to others too.

20 minutes seems to last an eternity when you are locked in sub zero temperatures. We were more than ready to leave when our time was up. As part of our package we were given a hot chocolate token which you can exchange at the main bar in STACK. It wasn't the best hot chocolate in the world but it sure tasted like it was. Sipping the warm drink around the heaters felt blissful and we soon warmed up.

The Ice Bar at STACK gets the thumbs up from us. Go with the girls, visit on date night, take your family who love New York or even take the kids. It is a fun way to spend half an hour and feels like pretty good value too.

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Let me know if you fancy visiting. 

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  1. Although I'm intrigued I'm not sure I could deal with that level of cold .... the coat you get looks very thin and flimsy so I'm not surprised you felt it. I went to the one in Sydney many many years ago and you got proper thick parker style coats to wear and they were really really warm! I think if I was going to Stack I'd make sure I wore extra layers that day.

    The sculptures look amazing and I love it's NYC themed!


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