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Fat Hippo Undeground | Festive Burger Review


Fat Hippo Underground | Festive Burger Review

We recently went to see the Pantomime Cinderella at Newcastle's Theatre Royal and as a pre-theatre dinner we went to one of our favourite restaurants to check out Fat Hippo's Festive Menu. 

I ordered the Hans Gruber-ger, named after the Villain in the best Christmas Movie - Die Hard. This burger is packed full and you may need to deconstruct it if you don't want to get messy. I don't mind a messy burger so dived straight in. In the Hans Gruber-ger you get Beef patty, pork stuffing patty, American cheese, maple-basted Southern fried chicken, cranberry jello and Christmas 'slaw.

Fat Hippo Undeground | Festive Burger Review

This burger is incedible and all of the ingredients work well together to make a burger that tastes of Christmas but the best part is the maple-basted Southern Fried Chicken which is so flavoursome and succulent. You also get Festive Fries with this and they are also amazing. The Fries at Fat Hippo are always good but these come smothered in Dirty Cheese and Festive Gravy like a Christmassy Poutine, so good!

Fat Hippo Undeground | Festive Burger Review

Sam was too scared to order a festive burger as she thought it would be too big (which she later said it was) so she ordered from the main menu and went for the Fat Hippo Burger which is a Double patty, American cheese, smoked bacon, chorizo, onion rings + Fat Hippo sauce. Sam loves this one and it her go-to burger at Fat Hippo.

Fat Hippo Undeground | Festive Burger Review

We always have great service at Fat Hippo and they are very accomodating for the kids special requests. Jack, although an epic meat eater, is quite picky when it comes to toppings so just asked for a plain burger with cheese. 

Harry went for the Wild Bill as he loves BBQ sauce, this comes with Double patty, American cheese, smoked bacon, waffle fries, BBQ sauce, ranch and jalapeƱos Harry asked for no Ranch or JalapeƱos and they were more than happy to do this. We weren't able to get a pic of the boys burgers before they wolfed them down so this is what the Wild Bill looks like on the Fat Hippo Website.

Fat Hippo Undeground | Festive Burger Review

The burgers at Fat Hippo can be expensive (it is £17.50 for the Hans Gruber-ger and Festive Fries) but these are Premium Burgers and I think they are worth the money.


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